September 23, 2023

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Keyhole surgical procedure for your home eliminates the anxiety of building fix

Mainmark has raised, re-levelled and re-supported homes and buildings for over 25 years.


Mainmark has lifted, re-levelled and re-supported homes and properties for above 25 years.

When it arrives to repairing or renovating our homes, practically nothing halts development very like procrastination, and the more we set anything off, the extra mind-boggling it appears to be.

But frequently the ideas we have in our heads do not match the reality. A chat with the authorities can not only give you the assurance to lastly get a work done, but also permit you know about technological know-how and improvements that will make a project simpler than you envisioned.

Get the ongoing issues several Cantabrians confront with houses however needing earthquake maintenance these as rectifying basis subsidence caused by liquefaction. They might have been compensated out by their insurer or EQC, but don’t know in which to go to get the operate accomplished. In addition, groundwork has the standing for remaining loud, messy, prolonged, and disruptive to both of those the residence and daily everyday living. Right after all the disruption there is certainly presently been in 2020, not to mention yrs of earthquake-recovery, it is really comprehending some careers get put in the way too-really hard basket. 

Mainmark's technologies and qualified technicians ensure minimal disruption and prevent further damage while re-levelling your home in a quick and timely manner.


Mainmark’s systems and certified professionals make certain small disruption and avert further harm while re-levelling your home in a speedy and timely manner.

Meanwhile, inhabitants come across on their own placing up with cracks in their walls, and doorways and home windows that jam or you should not shut properly because of settlement. Disregarding the dilemma will not make it go absent, it just increases the hazard of even more harm. 

But Mike Baker, an region manager for Mainmark New Zealand, claims it does not have to be like that. Mainmark are internationally recognised experts in floor engineering and asset preservation and present the world’s most advanced earthquake remediation, liquefaction mitigation and ground-strengthening systems.

In contrast to other methods that need the use of jacks and hefty equipment dragged by way of the residence, Mainmark’s Teretek resin injection answer and JOG Personal computer-Managed Grouting approaches are non-invasive. There’s normally no want for property owners to transfer out even though operate is finished, with lots of jobs only taking only a working day or so, and there’s no hurt to landscaping.

Sinking floors, paths and driveways, cracked walls, jamming doors and windows can all be indicators of structural damage.


Sinking floors, paths and driveways, cracked walls, jamming doorways and windows can all be indicators of structural injury.

“I would describe the Teretek procedure as keyhole operation to amount suitable your building and make improvements to the ground promptly beneath,” claims Baker. “We will not will need to excavate big holes all over the perimeter or as a result of the floor to comprehensive our operate. We use handheld drills to develop modest penetrations by the footings and ground slab which we then inject our resins by. This gently boosts the quantity of soils and millimetre by millimetre the building is introduced again up to degree.”

Larger homes and commercial buildings advantage from the use of the JOG Pc-Managed Grouting remedy which re-amounts and strengthens floor beneath big buildings utilizing computer-controlled cement grout injection. It is an extremely precise way of consolidating weak floor and lifting foundations, once more devoid of main excavation.

Baker suggests the staff at Mainmark understands the stress owners deal with and their concerns about disruption. He is happy of the name Mainmark has through the place, but notably in Canterbury where by hundreds of houses have been returned to their pre-earthquake situation for a fraction of the price of a rebuild.

Ideal of all, the approach would not need to be annoying and you can find no have to have to put your existence on hold though perform is carried out. It commences with an onsite inspection and finishes with the satisfaction of recognizing you can tick a little something else off your to-do listing – and the peace of thoughts your residence is remediated. 

Contact 0800 873 835 or check out Mainmark’s web site  to complete an enquiry type, to e-book a web-site inspection with 1 of their complex managers.