November 26, 2022

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Pro-Ject Unveils Power Box RS2 Phono For Turntables & Phono Preamplifiers

Unlimited Power. Mace Windu underestimated the importance of it and look how that turned out. One of the key components of any piece of hi-fi, video hardware, or computer system is its power supply. The largest manufacturer of audiophile turntables has a new accessory for not only its own turntables and phono pre-amplifiers – but 3rd party products as well. The Pro-Ject Power Box RS2 Phono is here and the Pro-Ject Debut PRO we just sent back is grumbling.

Why would you need an external linear power supply for your turntable or phono preamp?

Better speed stability, surge protection, less background noise, and an improvement in overall detail and resolution. Does it always work?

Having tried a number of liner power supplies with desktop headphone amplifiers, DACs, and my Roon Nucleus Music Server — my answer would be that the results were inconsistent.

I certainly heard less noise through my desktop active loudspeakers, but the resolution didn’t take a radical jump and there was not a massive increase in the size of the soundstage which is a purported benefit.

Pro-Ject X8 Turntable with Power Box RS2 Phono Front Black

In the case of the Power Box RS2 Phono, it would make sense that it would improve the performance of a turntable by providing a more stable power supply for the motor improving the speed stability.

The Pro-Ject Power Box RS2 Phono’s built-in transformer has a much higher power reserve compared to the standard power adapter and is able operate with flexibility given its low output impedance and large filtration capability.

A linear power supply consists of a massive toroidal transformer which avoids penetration of any interference that may affect the audio component. With a linear power supply, background noise is all but eliminated and sound-staging is improved, enhancing detail resolution and overall audio performance.

Pro-ject Power Box RS2 Phono Preamplifier Rear


  • All-in-one power supply for turntables and phono preamplifiers
  • Compatible with any Pro-Ject 15V DC turntable or any other with a 15V DC input
  • Compatible with Pro-Ject phono preamplifier (18 – 20V) (will work with 3rd party phono preamps at either 18V or 20V DC at up to 1.5A)
  • Cleaner power from non-switching power supply
  • Soft-start system avoids current inrush
  • Toroidal transformer
  • Mains-isolating transformer with copper shield
  • Secondary voltage rectification with precise regulation
  • High filtration capacity
  • Low ESR capacitors
  • Low noise components with surge protection

Price & Availability

The Pro-Ject Power Box RS2 Phono is manufactured in Europe and will be available in black of silver aluminum housing through Fine Sounds Dealers beginning in October 2022 for $649.00 USD.

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