October 4, 2023

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This Week In Techdirt History: October 23rd – 29th

This Week In Techdirt History: October 23rd – 29th

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5 A long time In the past

This week in 2017, it was on the lookout like the FCC would use the upcoming Thanksgiving vacation to disguise its unpopular plan to destroy internet neutrality, whilst a Verizon-funded group was professing that killing the principles would really assistance Puerto Rico. The DOJ subpoenaed Twitter about Popehat and some others more than a smiley emoji tweet as element of its strange vendetta against a safety researcher. Senator Burr was pitching a Section 702 “reform” invoice that would give the NSA back again its assortment powers, when Senator Wyden was pitching a pretty distinctive invoice that would restrict backdoor queries and forever kill some powers, all when new proof was exposing more about the Defense Department’s abuse of surveillance processes.

10 Decades In the past

This week in 2012, Amazon showed the moment yet again how people today don’t personal their ebooks, while Random Dwelling issued a assertion that seemed to go towards the grain by firmly declaring libraries truly possess their ebooks from the publisher… except it speedily turned out it was too superior to be genuine. The Librarian of Congress announced the most up-to-date DMCA exemptions with some superior information, but also the rejection of an exemption for DVD ripping and a reversal of system on cell phone unlocking. The DOJ railroaded CIA torture whistleblower John Kiriakou into a responsible plea, whilst the UN was complaining that terrorists can use the online. And we requested a dilemma that is relatively suitable now specified this week’s activities: how would Twitter handle a crackdown on speech in Saudi Arabia?

Fifteen Years Ago

This week in 2007, the news that Comcast was blocking some BitTorrent targeted visitors was adopted up by proof that it was blocking other kinds of targeted traffic much too, and the corporation did not seem to be to figure out how a great deal harm this was performing to its model. A United kingdom site operator was arrested for linking to infringing material, although the global activity of file sharing whack-a-mole continued. Microsoft gave up on its antitrust struggle in the EU, NBC took a turn to dislike in its love-loathe romantic relationship with YouTube, and bogus course motion lawsuits against Facebook appeared to be the future huge factor.

In The Beginning…

This week’s edition of the Up To Date e-newsletter that would grow to be Techdirt went out on October 25th, 1997 and provided some quantities that had been massive at the time but seem to be very small now, like a research exhibiting that average users invest around 14 hrs a week online, and yet another expressing 33% of university programs use e-mail.

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