October 4, 2023

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understanding smartphone and operating system on a smartphone

What is a smartphone? Understanding Smartphone is a cell phone or smart cell phone equipped with the latest features and high capabilities like a computer. The smartphone can also be interpreted as a mobile phone that works using operating system (OS) software that provides a standard and basic relationship for application developers, and now we have seen many smartphones using this operating system, Apple is the first friend to use the iOS operating system. In their smartphone product, this is one of the smartphones that is currently trending and is busy in the  iPhone 12 deals community.

Some define a smartphone as a smart mobile phone that has advanced features such as email, Internet, ebook reader (read: understanding ebook), and others. In short, a smartphone is a small computer that has the capabilities of a telephone.

Understanding Smartphone According to Experts

To better understand what Smartphone means, we can refer to the opinions of several experts. The following is the definition of a smartphone according to experts:

1. David Wood

According to David Wood, a smartphone is smartphonene that has advantages over other telecommunications devices. The advantages can be seen from the manufacturing process and the process of using it.

2. Williams and Sawyer

According to Williams and Sawyer, the definition of a smartphone is a cellular phone that uses several services such as a screen, microprocessor, memory, and a built-in modem. That way, smartphones have more complete features than ordinary cellphones.

3. Ridi Ferdinand

According to Ridi Ferdiana, the definition of a smartphone is a mobile phone equipped with various features. That way, apart from being a telecommunications device, smartphones can also be used for business purposes by entrepreneurs and the general public.

Smartphone Operating System

Like a computer or laptop, a smartphone requires an Operating System (OS) to work properly. The following are some smartphone OS:



Windows Phone



Firefox OS

MeeGo OS





Of the many smartphone OSs used, the most popular OS is Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. However, overall, Android Smartphones are the most widely used around the world.

Features on Smartphones

A smartphone is generally equipped with various advanced features so that it can be used for various purposes. Some of these features are like




Music and Video Players


Editing Document

Ebook Viewer

Game Application

And others

We can also add other features needed on a smartphone by installing certain applications into it.