February 3, 2023

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Using Google Maps Marketing to Optimize Your Business

Upscale your marketing strategies by utilizing the world’s leading navigation app—Google maps marketing.  You can capture all the local traffic you want and get customers looking and going to you.  You just need to tell them where to go first and Google maps will help you reach new audiences to grow your sales.

Why should you add Google maps marketing to your business strategy?  Google estimates that users make 3 billion searches for hotels and 1 billion searches for clothing each month.  The majority of these users will visit a nearby store the same day.  Nearly 67% of smartphone users are loyal to Google maps as it completely dominates in the navigation sector.

If these are not enough to convince you that Google maps can help increase your clicks to over 85% and your site visits by over 67%, read on to learn how you can use google maps marketing to optimize your marketing strategies.

Optimize your Google My Business Listing

Your Google My Business Listing is what your audience sees when they search through Google maps.  Fill in all the blanks of your company’s information.  Any incorrect details can hurt your rankings because Google gets its authority by delivering the best information to users.  This is the first and easiest way to improve your ranking.  Add these important details:

  • Specific cities you service to improve your rank for users located within those markets.
  • Your business category to get ranked for commonly searched for and preset categories.
  • Business hours to get listed for users searching for companies open at specific times.
  • Correct name, address, and phone number that is consistent across all platforms.  Incorrect citation and NAP (Name, Address, Phone) data is by far the most common ranking issue that local businesses have.
  • Link to your website to direct leads if they want more information.
  • Engaging photos that will let your audience see your company, products, staff, and more.  Attractive photos draw users’ eyes to your listing while giving you the chance to further your Google Maps SEO.

Optimize Your Introduction

Google maps puts your introduction to help your listing appear in the right Google Maps results.  This makes your introduction one of the most critical parts of your Google listing.  

Your introduction should be thorough and informative.  It should be stated in a way that Google understands so that it will fit your business in the search query.  Use keywords naturally to any customer-facing descriptions that you want to rank for.

Create Local Search Ads

Boost your online presence by using ads to drive potential customers to your business.  With a minimal spend, you can drive up your ranking in local search engine results.  Google’s local search ads can boost your business listing to the very top of Google Maps search results on mobile and desktop whenever relevant.

With local search ads, you are guaranteed more store visits, phone calls, and clicks.  It is an excellent opportunity for your business to increase foot traffic for your business.

The two main types of local search paid ads that you can utilize are:

  • Paid Ads

It is in the form of pay-per-click or PPC advertising that appear at the top of local listings with a green “ad” tag featured with a green pin on the map.  

  • Promoted Pins

These local search ads appear at the top of the results and feature a purple “ad” box and pin on the map.  When a user clicks this ad, he or she can see information about your local business.  You can further entice people to visit your store by advertising coupons or in-store promotions by setting up a promoted pin.

The Best Google Maps Marketing

Fine tuning your strategies will set you apart from your competitors.  Include analytics and track your performance on Google maps so that you can effectively evaluate your current web presence and determine what more you can do to optimize it.  

Pay close attention to the Google services that customers use to find your business, where customers view your business on Google, and what actions people are taking in response to your listing.

Working to improve customer engagements and interactions is your best path to a successful Google maps marketing.